Stars and Poppy Seeds
Stars and Poppy Seeds Stars and Poppy Seeds
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Flora loves to count more than anything else in the world. She counted everything around her, from the polka dots on her new red dress, to the letters in her Daddy's big books. But when she tries to count the stars, she finds the task bigger than she ever expected…An introduction to the pleasures and purposes of mathematics, Stars and Poppy Seeds is a captivating story of determination and ambition.

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  • Ages: 3 - 6yrs
  • Materials: Hardcover
  • Imprint: Tate Publishing
  • Author: Romana Romanyshyn
  • Illustrator: Andriy Lesiv
  • Dimensions: 32 pages; 9.3in x 10.2in
  • Origin: Printed in China
  • ISBN: 978-1-8497-6620-3

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