Silicone My Main Mat - Honey
Silicone My Main Mat - Honey Silicone My Main Mat - Honey Silicone My Main Mat - Honey Silicone My Main Mat - Honey
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My Main Mat is for every place you want to contain a "mess" - the nursery floor, under the easel, under the high chair, out on a picnic, at the beach, and so much more. Measuring an ample 54" square, it's perfect for families and friends to gather on, artists to create on, and pets to rest on during camping trips. Use it to protect the back of the car when toting muddy pets or plants from the garden store...

The uses are endless for all ages and since they are so durable, you can use it for years as your family grows. Teri Co mats can withstand the harsh bleaching of the sun, salt water spray of the ocean, all climates, and everyday play. Each mat comes packed in a handy cotton canvas easy-tote "backpack" with drawstring cord straps, and has a loop on one corner for hanging up to dry in the mudroom.

My Main Mat is made of 100% silicone, derived from naturally sourced silica. Silicone produces low VOC emissions, is durable, metal and toxin free, easy to care for, and soft as butter! It contains no plasticizers, phthalates, heavy metals or formaldehyde, and is 100% animal-free. The texture on the back is a suede-esque texture. It provides a great grip that keeps the mat from sliding around and bunching under little feet, but is easy to shake/brush/rinse off. It is made of the same engineered silicone leather.

The Honey color is a rich earthy amber that will look great in any room. See our full selection of Play Mats HERE.

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  • Ages: all ages - decor
  • Materials: 100% Silicone; 100% cotton sac
  • Dimensions: 54in x 54in
  • Designer: Kayleigh Medeiros
  • Care: Easy to clean - just hose down with water, and soap as needed. To clean off ink or heavier stains, use a soft sponge or cloth with dish soap and a 1:4 bleach solution.
  • Origin: Canada

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