Playground Playground

Two friends take a fantastical adventure to the playground through Mies van Hout's amazing art. Join them as they climb through the trees, find the way across the crocodile-infested river, bushwhack through blackberries brambles, feel their way through a dark cave, escape from a monster, and slide to safety at the jungle gym! To add to the fun, a new creature joins the children at each step along the way, contributing to an ever-lengthening parade to the playground in this delightfully interactive book. Sometimes the journey is even more fun than the destination! See also Slush Mountain, A River and I Wasn't Invited to the Birthday.

  • Ages: 3 - 6yrs
  • Materials: Hardcover
  • Author/Illustrator: Mies van Hout
  • Dimensions: 32 pages; 9.7in x 11.5in
  • Origin: Printed in China
  • ISBN: 978-1-9359-5451-4
$ 18.00