Juliette Rabbit in Winter Water Factory Dress

Recently Juliette has been doing a lot of china painting. Her favorite motif that she made up is of cornflowers, which is why she loves her new dress so much! She is made of tan organic cotton fleece, except for her tail which is natural colored fleece. Her ears are lined with maroon and white mini-stripe shirting, and she has a sweet hand-embroidered face.

Her removable dress is a soft organic cotton in a "navy berries" print designed by our friends at Winter Water Factory. Juliette says this dress is perfect for when you want to sit in a blueberry bush and blend in.

For an awesome holiday or birthday gift get her full 10-piece mix n’ match wardrobe HERE! And see all of Juliette’s Hazel Village friends.

  • Ages: 6mo+
  • Materials: Organic cotton fleece with polyfill
  • Designer: Jane Van Cleef & Stephanie Lynen
  • Care: Hand wash, air dry
  • Dimensions: approx. 15in tall, including ears
  • Origin: India
  • Safety: Conforms to CPSIA

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$ 48.00