Holdie Farm Animals
Holdie Farm Animals Holdie Farm Animals Holdie Farm Animals
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Say hello to the Holdie Farm Animals - Horse, Pig and Cow. They are the happy residents of Holdie LandThese three adorable pocket-size animal pals can stand on their own and are the perfect size for small hands. Handmade with love from a soft wool blend with embroidered features, each Holdie Animal will look a little bit different, and that makes each one quite special. They come beautifully packed in a gift box to surprise and share with your kiddies! 

Piggy is happiest rolling in the mud and feasting on scraps, and and loves nothing more than a belly rub from Farmer PoppyThe loveable Cow with splotches galore, keeps the fields trimmed and shares her most creamiest milk with Farmer ForestCheeky Horse loves to gallop off across the prairie, rip-rapping along the river, and then back again before the Holdie residents awaken. Together they enjoy exploring the wonders of the Holdie World. 

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  • Ages: 3 years and up
  • Materials: Wool-blend felt, wire, polyfil
  • Dimensions: Horse is 5.1in tall; Cow is 3.1in tall; Pig is 2.7in tall
  • Origin: Handcrafted Fair Trade in northern China
  • Certified B Corporation

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