Bright Start: My Turn, Your Turn
$ 13.00

A story about sharing. Part of the Bright Start series, My Turn, Your Turn introduces and helps develop the idea of sharing for children aged 1–3. Malik and Cora both want to fly the same toy plane. Watch frustration give way to joy as they try the sharing game proposed by their teacher.

With simple stories and engaging illustrations, the Bright Start series opens conversations about emotions, providing you with the tools and language needed to develop and nurture emotional intelligence in your child. Bright Start responds to recent research showing that emotional development begins in infancy, when children first bond with their caregivers. Early development of emotional intelligence helps children to form healthy and long-lasting relationships, builds the foundations for stable mental health, and lays the groundwork for academic achievement. Give your toddler a Bright Start!

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  • Ages: 1 - 3 yrs
  • Materials: Board Book
  • Imprint: words & pictures
  • Author: Nancy Loewen
  • Illustrator: Hazel Michelle Quintanilla
  • Dimensions: 10 pages; 7.6in x 7.6in
  • Origin: Printed in China
  • ISBN: 978-0-7112-4444-3

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