Bravery Issue #9 - Mary Anning
Bravery Issue #9 - Mary Anning Bravery Issue #9 - Mary Anning Bravery Issue #9 - Mary Anning Bravery Issue #9 - Mary Anning
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Issue 9 of Bravery magazine is all about paleontologist Mary Anning. This issue teaches about Mary's life and work in a fun, engaging way through illustrated stories, fun DIYs, and educational activities that the whole family can enjoy. There’s even a parent section! With an illustrated cover by Brooke Smart and contributions from over 18 talented artists, writers, and photographers, Bravery is both beautiful and functional. Bravery Magazine is a guide for dreaming and doing, and we hope it will inspire your little ones to be their own kind of brave.

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  • Ages: 5 - 12yrs
  • Materials: full-color pages, soft touch matte cover stock
  • Editor-in-Chief: Elyse Beard
  • Creative Director: Ashley Aikele
  • Contributors: Adelina Lirius, Alice Cantrell, Bethany Smith, Brooke Smart, Chelsea Larsson, Ella Lama, Kate Miss, Kayla Stark, Kelsey Buzzell, Kelsey Garrity-Riley, Lieke van der Vorst, Lorraine Nam, Margaret Kimball, Meghann Rader, Maddy Nye, Object Lesson, Anna Killian, Kimberly Murray
  • Dimensions: 64 pages; 8.5in x 10.5in
  • Origin: USA

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