Americana Cotswold Gold
Americana Cotswold Gold Americana Cotswold Gold Americana Cotswold Gold Americana Cotswold Gold
$ 38.00

In a quest to overcome the rush for your afternoon tea - or tee? Must take the unpaved shortcut? Does your antiquing passion require copious amounts of comfortable travel? The Cotswold has you covered. The fancy toy vehicle for all connoisseurs. Comes with a magnetic surfboard and magnetic tow hook that allows it to hitch to the equally awesome Camper. Butler not included. 

Candylab has a clear and enthusiastic mission: to make the absolute best wooden toy vehicles on the market, centered around these core principles: natural materials, superb craftsmanship, and mid-century modern design. The Americana series are larger, more substantial than the "match-box" sized Candycars.

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  • Ages: 3 years to adult
  • Materials: Solid beechwood, walnut veneer, water-based paint, clear urethane topcoat, ABS plastic rims, rubber tires, metal magnet hitch
  • Dimensions: Car is 7.4in x 3.8in x 3in (18.7cm x 9.6cm x 7.6cm); Package is 10in x 4.5in x 2.9in (26m x 11.8cm x 7.2cm)
  • Origin: Designed in New York - Produced in China
  • Safety: Conforms to CPSIA, and European, Australian and New Zealand regulations

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