After a succesful career in the fashion industry, Dutch designer Anne-Claire Breda shifted her creative focus to toys and home decor, allowing her greater freedom to create and translate her love of color, natural materials and traditional craftsmanship into a wider variety of objects... Objects that did not go out of style after one short season, but that could be cherished for a lifetime. “I have always been interested in handicrafts: crochet, knitting, needle point...I believe in the charm of slow production, in the beauty of a handmade product. By using traditional textile techniques to create a modern object, past and present come together.” The detailed and labor-intensive work of hand-crocheted objects (making an 8” toy takes about 29 hours!!) is done by women living in remote villages of Northern China. Here women have passed on their handiwork traditions for many generations and crocheting is still part of their cultural heritage. The women, now around 200 strong, work at home, often with neighbors. They determine their own schedule so when the kids come home from school or harvesting needs to be done, the crochet is put aside.