Tun Tun began in Lima, Perú in 2014, by women’s fashion designer Ursula Malca. Inspired by the birth of her first son, Alejandro, she decided that it was time to create a line of clothing for babies and children that would gather the qualities of joy, play, and tenderness of children within each design. By using the finest materials, pima cotton and baby alpaca - Peruvian native materials that are recognized worldwide as among the finest and softest. Pima cotton, with its smooth and extended fibers creates the softest, yet sturdiest textiles, perfect to give to our children for the comfort they need from their earliest age. Baby alpaca is also among the softest woolens, and is renown for its warmth, absorbency and antibacterial qualities. And this amazing fiber is not only ideal for keeping you warm in cold weather conditions, but also protects from overheating in warm weather! Using these highest quality and local materials, Malca designs simple classic gender-neutral pieces that are destined to become beloved heirlooms. Each of their pieces are handmade by skillful Peruvian artisans that support their families. And Tun Tun is proud to work with them and to give them a fair payment for their work.

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