Tiny Cottons was founded in 2012 in Barcelona, by Barb Bruno and Gerard Lazcano, who decided to build a stylish, bold children's brand, produced predominantly in Europe. They quickly became well known in the kids’ fashion world as a label with unique designs and outstanding quality. As a creative team their goal is to be as imaginative as their kids and have their one and only, bold and not so serious attitude. As a clothing brand they want to create a good, long lasting product and at the same time be your kids' favorites. As winners of the Milk Magazine Fashion Award, they continue to bring their delightful designs to grateful global fans, like Bitte!

And while they want products that are comfy and fun to wear, they also want to create a good, long-lasting product with a conscience. They utilize Fair Trade factories, and sustainable environmentally-friendly materials and methods - organic cotton, Pima cotton, recycled materials.

As for inspiration, being based in Barcelona makes everything easier! This city is so cosmpolitan - full of culture, art, green spaces, parks, small and big companies that empower them to make it better every day.

Books and travels are also parts of their creative process. They draw, paint, cut and glue as much as they can. They try to be as free as kids, but with their own unique bold and "not so serious" attitude. Every season they tell a new story and deliver a strong message to share.