Teri co Canada was established in 2020 by mom and budding entrepreneur, Kayleigh Medeiros. She says she saw a hole in the market, and decided that she  would fill it! The Teri Co mats are animal-free, vegan "leather" mats made of 100% silicone, derived from naturally sourced silica. Silicone produces low VOC emissions, is durable, metal and toxin free, easy to care for, and soft as butter! 

Kayleigh has introduced two sizes of mats for every family, every need. The larger My Main Mat is great for the nursery floor, under the easel, under the high chair, out on a picnic, or at the beach. The Small Fry Mat is the perfect tabletop solution for messy eaters, artisans and crafters.

Easy to use, easy to clean, easy on the eyes, and easy on the environment!