The Telegraph Ave style is all about embracing every aspect of your child’s life. Whether your child is one month old or ten years old, the clothes are designed for ultimate flexibility, comfort and style. They move your kid seamlessly from playground to naptime, to play date to party time. Most pieces are designed to grow with your child: overalls are cuffed so they can be unrolled with growth; harems turn into cropped harems; tunics can be worn as dresses.

The look is inspired by designer Aman Athwal’s ecclectic life, as a mother, as a designer, and as a world traveler. She draws her inspiration from her own background – part urban cool from the streets of London, part exuberant color palette of the Indian subcontinent, and part free-spirited soul from the California coast. Aman herself is a hybrid of all of these uniquely dazzling elements, and naturally so are her beautiful and distinctive designs for children.

From the Bay Area, founder and designer Aman celebrates and uses ethically sourced material and local producers. Aman has an impeccable background in the fashion industry, having built her career at illustrious companies such as Stella McCartney, Gucci Group, Saks Fifth Avenue and Sephora. Her passion is fashion. But above all else, she is inspired by her wild, opinionated, reflective, funny, beautiful, tomboy, light-of-her-life daughter. She lives for showing her that if you work hard, love play, and follow your dreams, the world can be your playground for life.

Telegraph Ave: be HIP. be PRESENT. be YOU.