Australian mum Erin Starkey has two small girls, Rosie and Summer. For years they’d been using the silicone style bucket bibs and just love how easy they are to clean and how effective they are at catching much of the food that would otherwise end up on the floor!

But all she could ever find were harsh bright colors with cartoon graphics. So after doing some research, she was able to find the source and develop her own line with more sophisticated and modern colors. The colors have been hand picked to compliment our little ones clothing and to be as unisex as possible - colors that are on trend and tasteful for the modern family and household. Who wants generic pink and blue these days right!?

Silicone rubber is an all natural compound (non-petroleum based). The Rommer bib is FDA approved, BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, 100% durable silicone. It is both lightweight and soft to touch, with no rough or sharp edges.