Makers of eco-friendly art supplies, specializing in craft paints and Easter egg dyes made from fruits & veggies. Glob also offers the only natural, non-nano face paints available! Glob's products are sourced from natural, recyclable and biodegradable materials. Their paints are made with natural ingredients and organic extracts.The vibrant pigments in Glob have been used by different cultures throughout the ages in food, artists' paints and body products.

Founder Ashley Phelps is an artist. Through the years she was exposed to all kinds of paints and art products. And though she had reactions to the chemical additives, she suffered through it, thinking it just came with the territory. Then after working as a children’s art teacher, she began to look for healthier, all-natural solutions. When she found no green art supplies on the market she decided to make some herself. It took some time, but she found an all-natural formulation for art and craft paints using only natural, botanical (even food-grade) color sources: plants, vegetables and herbs. These pigments are organically vibrant, and have been used safely and effectively for color since the beginning of time. She finds it gratifying to be able to offer parents a safer choice!