Filosofia is a children's clothing brand based in Los Angeles. Sofia Kang, a mother of two young children herself, designs each item  with functionality and quality in mind. The result is a collection of effortless pieces that are simultaneously comfortable and beautiful in their construction. Small details make each piece unique in its own way. These pieces, crafted from soft, natural fibers, will soon become wardrobe staples, perfect for any occasion.

Kang wanted this clothing to represent a joyful and carefree childhood. Clothing shouldn't be complicated for children or for their parents. Rather, a child's wardrobe should enhance the creativity, curiosity, and wonder of a young mind. Filosofia clothing centers on simplicity: the designs are practical, yet still have a timeless beauty. And Kang's designs embody the slow fashion movement. With skilled and thoughtful construction, each piece is sure to last - there is something truly special about a unique and durable piece of clothing. Filosofia offers an antidote to the fast fashion of today's world with high quality clothing you and your child will love - proudly produced in Los Angeles.