Eperfa means Mulberry in Hungarian. It is toys about nature, inspired by the hills around Budapest and Lake Balaton of Hungary. Eperfa is three Hungarian girls who know and love the fauna and flora of these places. They make toys about the enormous trees and birds in the shady forest, the houses, the lake. They make toys that tell a story and bring a place to life in a child’s imagination. They also take their responsibility to the next generation seriously. They work with organizations that have the most in-depth knowledge of these areas (Balaton Uplands Natl Park, Balaton Shipping Co, Hungarian Ornithology Assoc, Pilis Park Forestry and Szechenyi-Hill Children’s Railway) for their professional support and expertise. Their toys teach children about the world around them, helping them to endear the natural world and learn to protect it. Most of their toys are created in sheltered workshops by the disabled or socially underprivileged. All the wooden material used for the toys is sourced from the Danube Ipoly National Park as no one takes better care of forests than national parks, that takes their ecosystem as priority, from the smallest to the largest creatures.