The goal of Threadfollower is to foster handcrafting because “making” makes us happy and we want to share that joy with others! This, and a love of textiles, is at the core of Cynthia Treen’s kits, which give even the inexperienced crafter an opportunity to create something beautiful in just a short time. The designer thinks small... with each finished project able to fit in the palm of your hand, and delivering a small carbon footprint using sustainable and local resources from Cynthia’s small corner of the world. Each of their designs is made from wool and rayon felt produced in neighboring Massachusetts. Also produced in Massachusetts are the recycled (FDA certified) boxes that are printed on FSC certified paper with vegetable-based inks. The 100% wool stuffing comes from a pool of New England sheep farms and finally, all of the production of the kits is done by hand in their Rhode Island studio. They offer thoughtful design, sustainable practices, and a complete experience. Yes!