The idea for Bravery Magazine began as a tiny seed planted at a kitchen table back in 2015 between two moms, Elyse Beard and Ashley Aikele. After having similar experiences with their oldest girls, they came together to talk about the lack of strong role models available to help teach their girls about bravery. After running through a few different ideas, Ashley texted Elyse one day and said, “What if we make this idea into a magazine?”. True to form, Ashley’s idea was golden and they ran with it.

When they ran a Kickstarter campaign in September of 2017, they were fully funded in under three days, proving that their idea is valued and desperately needed. They’re very passionate about the mission behind Bravery: that empowering children through stories of brave women will help them become their own kind of brave. Each issue contains engaging illustrated stories, fun DIYs and educational activities.