Bamboo&Love began six years ago when one of the founders received a bamboo blanket for her newborn. It seemed like the perfect fabric for baby clothes: not too hot or cold, softer than cotton, yet more environmentally friendly and sustainable to source. And her baby loved it!

After much brainstorming with her sister, plenty of market research, and discovering the low environmental impact of growing bamboo compared to other raw materials, a new brand was born.

They got an experienced designer on board. Designs were put in place and tested, each item tailored to ensure ultimate comfort for baby and ease of dressing for the parents. Unnecessary stitching was removed and styles were reworked until they were just right. And then, with happy babies, the first Bamboo&Love collection was complete.

Responsibly sourced, manufactured entirely in Portugal, B&L is growing and making the world a better and more responsible place, one bamboo cane at a time!

Their bamboo fabrics and yarns are classified as bamboo rayon or viscose and are 100% OEKO-TEX® Standard certified to ensure the best quality for baby’s skin.

Even though viscose or rayon uses a cellulose process to transform the strong bamboo into a soft fabric, they are mesmerized by the fact that the bamboo crop has such a positive impact on the environment compared to other more massified fiber crops and that's why they developed B&L around this beautiful and impressive fabric.

Bamboo & Love clothes offer unique comfort and exclusive softness, while their love adds overall cuteness, personal finishing details, and ultimate ease in dressing.