Bacabuche got its start with two close friends. Valerie Welebir, a veteran of the business culture of fashion buying, and her friend, a veteran of the artistic world of design. They sought to create a kids' clothing line that shared their love for minimalist design, neutral color palettes, and natural and organic fabrics. As young mothers, they wanted to provide an easy dressing experience for parents by creating a capsule wardrobe designed to be versatile, cozy and durable.

Bacabuche (bah-kah-boo-chee) translates to ‘little rascal,’ a nickname given to Valerie by her grandmother (a Bolivian native) when she was a child. With this memory in mind, a playful spirit is at the heart of everything the company does. They manufacture in Los Angeles, and their special knits are made in Peru.

Bacabuche’s modern aesthetic and iconic colors create the basis of their brand. Influenced by their personal experiences as caregivers, they create minimalist essentials designed to create an easy dressing experience for mom and baby. Simple. Modern. Playful.

Maybe even a little mischievous.