Bamboo Smart Plate Divider Set
Bamboo Smart Plate Divider Set Bamboo Smart Plate Divider Set

It’s a complete and smart system for little self-feeders to grow with. The detachable suction foot helps children learn to feed themselves and comes off easily when they are ready to advance. The same suction foot attaches to different shapes perfect for all kind of foods and purposes. The silicone food divider solves the issue of "picky eaters" who don't want any foods touching! Great add-ons reduce the need for endless specialized and short lived products. Plus your little one can feel all grown-up with tableware that looks just like Mommy and Daddy’s. The modern shapes and sizes are stackable and portable, in natural colors that go harmoniously with your existing tableware. The most durable and natural bamboo fiber on the market! 

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  • Ages: 6m to 4y
  • Materials: 40% Bamboo fiber, 40% vegetable starch, 20% emulsion; 100% silicone foot and divider
  • Care: Dishwasher safe for daily use and up to 284 F/140 C
  • Dimensions: 3 pieces: plate, foot & divider; plate is 25cm diameter 
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Safety: SGS and FDA approved; 100% non-toxic, all natural
  • Awards: Inhabitit Editor's Pick

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