Children's Home Essentials - 2-Piece Dustpan Set
$ 32.00

This classic children's brush and dustpan set are a must for little helpers. The brush is handmade with horse hair and FSC-certified beechwood. The dustpan is white enamel-coated metal. The youngest children like to copy everything the adults do and will quickly learn to clean up, learning valuable life-long skills. Encourage these skills with a set that's just their size! Also useful for the table or countertop, for sweeping up crumbs or craft debris. Truly a Children's Home Essential.

  • Age: 3 years +
  • Materials: FSC-certified Beechwood, horse hair, enamel-coated metal
  • Dimensions: 2 Pieces; Dustpan is 5.2in x 8in; Brush is 6.4in
  • Origin: Germany

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