My Nature Sticker Activity Book: In the Forest
$ 8.50

Did you know that fir cones grow pointing up while spruce cones grow pointing down, some kinds of mosses and ferns grow in trees, and bamboo trees can reach a height of sixty feet in forty-five days? The forest habitat is a complex ecosystem full of amazing plants, magnificent mushrooms, colorful berries, flowers, and more. Draw the roots of a tree, place blackberries on a bush, stick bells on the lily of the valley, and test your new knowledge with a short quiz at the end.

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  • Ages: 4 to 8 years
  • Materials: Paperback
  • Imprint: Princeton Architectural Press
  • Author/Illustrator: Olivia Cosneau
  • Dimensions: 24 pages; 8.7in x 11.8in
  • Origin: Printed in China
  • ISBN: 978-1-61689-785-7

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