History is Inventive
History is Inventive History is Inventive
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Discover the true stories behind amazing creations, from the Antikythera mechanism, an ancient analogue computer, to the Baghdad Battery. Learn about each invention through well-researched content accompanied by beautiful illustrations and design. Not only will kids learn about these amazing inventions, they will participate in the original creative process themselves, like building a telescope using the same rudimentary methods used by the inventors. From ancient to modern inventions, kids will learn about the revolutionary ideas and processes used to create the foundation for our modern lives. Featured sections of the book include including the Baghdad Battery, Inventions from the Classic Period & Middle Ages including the telescope, Inventions from the Modern Era including Bluetooth technology, Famous Inventors like Charles Drew, Experiments/Activities, and more.

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  • Ages: 7 to 13 years
  • Materials: Hardcover; 100% post consumer, FSC-certified
  • Author: Brooke Knight
  • Illustrator: Sophy Smith
  • Dimensions: 80 pages; 10.6in x 8.2in
  • Origin: China
  • ISBN: 978-1-7361919-2-7

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