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We're on the hunt for a social media/marketing assistant! The ideal candidate understands marketing online, has proven experience in social media, and is very organized and quick with emails. Graphic Design skills and a modern aesthetic a plus! To apply please email: with resume, links to your social media accounts and a list of 5-10 favorite blogs and/or instagram accounts that are inspiring you right now. Please put “Social Media Assistant” in the subject line.


  • Part time position, 10-15 hours a week (mostly off-site)
  • Must be organized, have a strong attention to detail and the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Experience with of all major social media platforms necessary. Experience with photography, graphic design and/or Adobe Photoshop a huge plus
  • Familiarity with google analytics, AdWords and facebook ads a plus
  • Have an eye for design, high level of creativity and an appreciation for sustainability and natural products
  • Living in the Sacramento area with ability to meet in person strongly preferred, remote applicants will be accepted


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Sep 25, 2021


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