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Christina and Rob of @newdarlings inspire us daily with the content they create. When they reached out to us about featuring Bitte in a giveaway for their followers this holiday season, we happily agreed! However, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask a few questions about what the holidays look like for them this year. Read below for a little Q&A with Christina and head to @shopbitte or @ newdarlings on Instagram for a chance to win a $150 shop credit!
What are you most excited for this Christmas?
Everything! It is Oliver’s half birthday on Christmas Day (how did that happen so quickly?!), so we’ll be celebrating with some extra treats and a special cake. It will be an intimate holiday: just the three of us at home in Arizona. We always feel like the holiday season and build up to Christmas Day is the most exciting. 
What are your Christmas traditions?
We have been checking things off our advent calendar each day. This year I made a printable on our blog, sharing some fun traditions Rob and I have had for years and included a few fun crafts and small surprises for Oliver. We’ve been staying busy making holiday wreaths out of recycled boxes and paint, making paper trees, baking and of course checking out all the christmas lights downtown. Rob and I have been together since we were teenagers, and the holidays always have held a special place in our hearts, but being parents takes the holidays to a whole new level. Seeing Oliver happy, makes us happy. He’s definitely into all the holiday music (Mele Kalikimaka has been on repeat here - ha!) and winter books, so there’s been a lot of dance parties and stories around the tree. A few books we’ve been reading this season are: Winter in the Forest, Winter Dance, Our Favorite Day of the Year, and The Snowy Day. 
What is your philosophy when it comes to gift giving?
As long as it’s from the heart, that’s all that matters. We have always been big into writing each other letters and exchanging cards. Rob is always very thoughtful with coming up with little gifts "from Ollie”. One of my favorites was a photo book he entitled “Mama and Ollie” with some of our favorite photos. Anything handmade and sentimental hits me hard. This year has taught us, more than ever, the importance of family. We feel so lucky to have each other and at the end of the day, the cuddles and giggles are truly all we need. 
What are your favorite Christmas memories from childhood and what do you hope Ollie will remember about the holidays?
Rob and I always talk about what Oliver might remember from the holidays. For us, we always look back at moments from our childhood and remember the prep to the holidays, setting up the decorations, baking cookies, going to holiday shows. These are things Rob and I continued into our marriage as special dates…its been so special for the both of us. We can’t wait until things are safe again and we can give the same Christmas experience to Oliver. We know as long as he feels love in this house and the magic of the holidays by being together, it will be memorable no matter what.  Growing up, my sisters and I always would want to wear the Santa hat my dad would wear each holiday season. It felt so special when we got to wear the “big” (but in actuality very regular sized) red hat. It’s those little things.


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