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Tastemaker Talks: Alicia Lund
alicia lund cheetah is the new black bitte
Alicia, of Cheetah is the New Black, is our spirit animal. We’re lucky to call her our friend IRL, but even if you don’t know her in person, her Instagram and blog give you a pretty good idea of who she truly is. She’s got impeccable but effortless style, she’s an awesome mom to one (another on the way), she loves to travel and entertain, and she's always down to collaborate on fun ideas, as evidenced here and here. She’s just got that California boho mom vibe down pat! Which is why we were thrilled to be able to ask her a few questions and learn even more about her and her sweet little family. Read through her full interview below, and --if you’re expecting-- she’s sharing her top five baby essentials! Also don’t miss her favorites collection, where she picked her current must-haves from Bitte.
  1. We love following your blog and social media because it seems to so effortlessly capture fashion, lifestyle-- and since you welcomed your son and soon daughter-- motherhood. How did you get started blogging? And how do you decide what to focus on, both on your blog and on social media?

I started blogging back in the OG days, 2009, when I was living and working in San Francisco.  It's a similar story to a lot of bloggers, I was looking for a creative outlet and fell in love with being able to share what I was into with this whole world online. CITNB has evolved with me over the years as my interests have changed and my readers have really grown up with me as well–buying homes, getting married, having babies... etc. Style will always play a major role in everything I do but since I'm more interested in home, decor, entertaining and motherhood these days I've been slowly evolving CITNB into more of a lifestyle site.

  1. Knowing you in person, you have such a beautiful, easy going style that always looks put together. What are your tricks for merging that polished look while still keeping things casual and kid-friendly? And where are your favorite places to shop?

Oh gosh, thank you! Well, my style has definitely reverted into effortless, easy California basics after moving to Sacramento from New York (and becoming a mom). I wear a lot of denim, sneakers and whatever is comfortable to move around in when I'm with Rex. Some favorite mom-friendly labels of mine are: The Great, Dôen, Citizens of Humanity / Levis jeans and Rachel Comey (for comfy clogs and my favorite wide leg cropped pant). Other favorite designers: Apiece Apart, Ulla Johnson, Isabel Marant and Jenni Kayne.

  1. You also recently announced the addition of bebe #2, how are you feeling? And what are you most looking forward to and most anxious about, when welcoming a 2nd?

I feel really great (well, now that I'm in my third trimester!). This pregnancy has been so different from my pregnancy with my son Rex. I was sicker in the beginning and have been more exhausted, I think mainly because I have a toddler and am not getting those luxurious afternoon naps I took on the daily when I was pregnant that first time around-- What a treat that was! I'm not anxious at all, just excited! I guess I'm most worried about how I'm going to juggle the two and my site, but I'll figure it out. And I'm most looking forward to seeing Rex as a big brother. Also seeing Tanner, my husband, with a baby girl will be so sweet.  

  1. Speaking of welcoming a new little one, what are your top five baby essentials?

I'm definitely a minimalist when it comes to newborn / baby essentials and haven't bought a thing this time around. My top essentials would be:

  1. Onesies and Blankets / Swaddle
  2. Comfortable nursing bra (I really love this one which still feels really pretty)
  3. Owlet Smart Sock (this really eased our new parent nerves when we had Rex)
  4. A Baby Wrap (I love the Solly Baby Wraps and am thinking of getting the Sakura Bloom wrap this time around as well)
  5. The First Forty Days (I lied above, I did order this book and I am looking forward to diving into these recipes after the birth and really giving myself a proper maternity leave / rest this time around)
  1. Now that Rex is almost a preschooler, what sort of things is he into? What are your favorite things about this age?

Rex is a little under 2 1/2 and it's SUCH a fun age. He's a talker so I just love listening to everything that comes out of his mouth. It's the sweetest and he has a pretty smart sense of humor already, which is hilarious. He is continually cracking me up. I've been loving seeing more and more imaginative play at this age and the fact that he can play by himself for longer periods of time now is so nice!! He loves to be outdoors, playing in the sand, family outings down by the river... we go on lots of walks and to the park most afternoons. He's also obsessed with trucks, cars, planes (any automobiles), loves to color, read, puzzles (we do a lot of family puzzles in the evenings), and play hide-and-seek.

  1.  When you’re not working, what does your family enjoy doing together?

We love to be outdoors. One of the perks of living in Sacramento is that we can be in nature in just a few minutes so we're usually down by the river or going for family hikes on the weekends. We also just love walking in our neighborhood to get coffee and going out for pancakes on a Saturday morning.

  1. Other than cooking a little human, any fun or new projects on the horizon for you? Either work or personal related?

Yes baby girl in May! I'm also redesigning CITNB so I'm looking forward to re-launching around that same time / early summer!

  1. Lastly I always like to hear where other design-savvy moms are getting their inspiration, any blogs, instagrams or just moms you know in person that are particularly inspiring to you right now?

I'm constantly inspired by Jenni Kayne (mom to 3!) and everything she and her team does. I'm loving their new book: Pacific Natural which highlights effortless entertaining, healthy recipes, and a California lifestyle I'm all about. Other moms I love to follow on IG are: The General Store's: Serena Mitner-Miller (new mom!), Natalie B Designs (SF based florist who is just the sweetest and coolest–her account is mainly flowers but she shares snippets of her life in her stories which I love and her two adopted babes), and Aimee Winchester (a newer to me IG find, such a cute Australian family to follow!).




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