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My Favorites: Hannah Davis, a Touch of Gray Blog
Hannah Davis blog post
Meet Hannah. She’s a professional photographer, blogger, and a mother to Irish triplet boys (yes, that means three boys in just one year)! She’s a busy lady, and if motherhood and growing her photography business weren’t enough, just read her blog bio and you’ll really get a feel for everything she juggles. What we love most about Hannah though, is that through it all she always stays positive, and maintains her sense of self, her style and her creativity.
Hannah Davis blog post
Scroll down to browse Hannah’s favorite items from our shop for her boys, along with some photos from a recent Bitte collaboration.
Hannah Davis blog post

Hannah Davis favorites

Tegu Magnetic Building Blocks, Flashlight, Logging Truck, Bermuda Triangle Romper, Charcoal Stripe Joggers
You can follow Hannah on Instagram @hdavisphotography, or on her blog, where she shares bits of life and the things that inspire her.
Written by Leslie Tresher


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