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Since becoming friends with Erin close to five years ago, I often think to myself "she has the same 24 hours in a day that I do, right?" She always seems to be accomplishing so much. Like working on amazing projects for her blog, Apartment 34, or throwing beautiful dinner parties or traveling to some cool new locale. And this year she added one of her biggest and most exciting roles to date, becoming a mama to her beautiful son Carter. Since it's so easy to forget what those sweet newborn days are like, I couldn't wait to catch-up on how motherhood is going so far, and how this busy mama juggles it all. You can also shop Erin's curated collection of favorites here!

Here at Bitte we’ve been long time fans of Apartment 34. As it’s stylish founder what inspired you to first start blogging?
I came to blogging the way many of us did back in the day - by accident! I had purchased my first home, a sweet little 500sq foot condo in Seattle and wanted to renovate it. At the time shelter blogging was just really getting started. Sites like Apartment Therapy, Decor8 and Design Sponge were around but not much else had caught fire. When my best friend Cassandra of Coco + Kelley decided to start her site to jump start her interior design business, I said why don't I start a blog about my condo so she could be my interior designer! And poof - Apartment 34 was born. Needless to say life quickly took different twists and turns and while I never actually renovated that little condo (I actually sold it two years ago), Apartment 34 kept on tickin'.

In addition to your blog and being the Director of Social Marketing at Pottery Barn, you recently became a new mom. How are you adjusting to this newest role?
Becoming a mom has certainly been a whirlwind! I knew life would be different once we had kids, but I don't think you can ever be fully prepared for the new world that is parenthood. But as I've acclimatized to the sleep deprivation, I think I've found my stride. It's a pretty remarkable thing to look down at this little guy and think a) I made that and b) no one is coming to pick him up. He's staying here. For like ever. It's a rather mind and heart bending notion! But I'm pretty excited about it.

If there were 3 things you could have told yourself before your little one arrived about having a new baby, what would they be?
Sleep in as much as you can because you likely never will again. Crowd source intel from baby books from your friends - you don't need to buy the books themselves - they'll just make you crazy. And sleep in as much as you can!

Are there any newborn items that have become your go-to favorites?
Since we currently live in an apartment in San Francisco, I took as minimalist of an approach to newborn necessities as I could. I loved kimono style onsies - SO much easier to get on and off. Baby carriers of all kinds - the Ergo and Solly Baby wraps were wonderful for keep Carter close and for getting out of the house. We also discovered that some babies like to be rocked while others liked to be bounced and Carter likes to bounce - so the Stokke Steps Bouncer was a life saver. He loves that thing to this day (he's now five months old). Those are probably my favorite discoveries but from bottles, to diaper to burp rags, I could go on and on! The amount of baby products one can accumulate is rather endless.

As a lifestyle blogger your articles often seem like an effortless extension of your own life. How has the arrival of your son influenced your blog?
Given that my personal experiences are only a small fraction of what Apartment 34 covers these days, I've purposefully tried to keep mom-blog type posts off the site but it's impossible for it not to creep in. Whether I'm struggling to teach my baby to sleep through the night (which I am!) or want to share my favorite design savvy nursery finds, I think life with le bebe is going to creep onto the blog whether I like it or not! 

You’ve always had impeccable taste, especially in your home decor. You recently bought a gorgeous old Victorian in San Francisco, do you feel that your decor choices have changed drastically now that you’re designing with a child in mind?
If anything, I think designing a home for a family is making me stay even truer to my aesthetic. Since this is the home we plan to be in for a long long time I'm making a point to select classic materials, timeless finishes and quality products that we not only love now, but that I hope Carter will love in the future!

What are some tips on making a space child friendly while also keeping it chic and sophisticated?
I firmly believe you do not need to decorate "for kids." Sure there are some fabrics that are more forgiving to sticky little hands and things like a glass-topped coffee table might not be so practical when you have a baby just learning to walk but you can maintain adult, sophisticated spaces. My three biggest rules are 1) stick with neutral color palettes. Life is busy enough - your home should be soothing. 2) Choose materials with that can survive wear and tear - think leather sofas, natural woven rugs and felted wool. The patina they get over time just adds character. And 3) have places to put all the egregiously ugly baby stuff {no matter how hard you fight it, you will acquire some}.

Thank you so much for taking some time out to answer our questions. We can’t wait to follow along with everything you have going on, any other special projects coming up that you’re really excited about?
While we've always got our hands in a million different things at Apartment 34, from making new recipes, to traveling to new places and discovering new designers, the remodel of our Victorian is probably what I remain most excited about these days. We set out to create our dream home within this gorgeous shell of a space and it's just starting to come together now. Now that most of the finishes have been selected, I'm particularly excited to dig into designing the rooms. From our master suite to Carter's nursery - it's going to be amazing to have a home for our little family.

Photos by Bess Friday

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